Sunday, March 8, 2009

GeeGee’s Paintings – Part #2


Some time ago, ‘Blueberry Field’ and ‘One space’ brought hubby and I to ‘Paradise Island’ to visit Margaret and ‘B’ … The home is a showcase of beauty and art – Margaret’s art. I was inspired! During this time, ‘Blueberry Field had been encouraging me to return to my painting. The last one in 1979. Blueberry was relentless in her pursuit to to get me to pick up a paint brush again. And, so I did, finally. Why I chose the subject that I was drawn to is up for grabs as I don’t know, even now, a year later.

One day while scanning the internet for data, I came across the works of artist Tom Barnes and his ‘Long neck Ladies’ and was captured by his ‘The Harlequins Again’ and knew as if a  scented breeze had caressed my checks, that this work of Tom’s was for Debbie - (Sorry, dear Tom, it just had to be and my thanks to you equal the number of stars in our gem-embedded galaxy.         


The above painting is Tom Barnes’ painting …

Debbie is a people-person who appreciates each one as special individuals who tends to nurture ladies simply because they, least of all, are valued their worth thusly, Tom’s Harlequins had to become, ‘Debbie’s Ladies’ – Granted, a bad imitation of Tom’s work but my first oil painting in 30 years … Never-the-less, my  (and Tom’s) tribute to the admired ‘Blueberry field Lady’.

Look at us, silly judgmental people -

We’re neither Indian paint brushes

or tainted doves trembling on a stilted steeple -

We’re not easy to make cry, to whimper or blush

though we are wounded and seriously crushed -

We’ll not be ridiculed, this cannot be, because from here and lame -

From whatever you came from, you and us look the same -

                                  By GeeGee


  1. OMG!! Bobbie showed me this and I couldn't believe it! I am honored that you did this painting for me and from the moment I saw it (Christmas night)...I fell in love with it! i look at it every day and always get a warm feeling. You did Tom proud Alice and I think he would be rightly impressed with your work...I know I am. I do wish that you would paint more...just have something on the back burner that you can keep going back your wall mural. You are a very talented artist...even though you don't think so! No one has EVER created a piece of art like this just for is the most special thing in the world. Thank you Alice for the painting and the words on your blog. I love you....

  2. Alice,
    Another great story, your well has not run dry, in fact the banks are overflowing with exciting waters to enlighten all lucky enough to read your blog. I am so happy to be one of them. I meant to mention your painting that you did for Debbie before, I was very impressed, I just can not fine the right words to express my feeling of amazement for anyone that can do portrait faces it leaves me in a state of awe and amassment. That to me that is real art. I am very glad that you are sharing your talents so that I can feel the excitement and joy that I need from someone that has your gifts.

    I to have not done any painting except for the mussel shells for at least thirty years or even more, at the time that I did I was using oils which I really like, but in my shells I use acrylic paint. Please surprise me again real soon with more of your treasures.
    Your friend, Margaret

  3. I have to thank Debbie that got You to start painting again! Love the colours in Your painting!
    Keep on painting now!

  4. You paint a pretty picture and have always spun a pretty tale.Your creative talents any one can see and one of the finest things you ever made was a wonderful wife for me.

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  6. Oh Alice I had to laugh at your "Blueberry Field" intro instead of my Blueberry Plains! It reminded me of the "Big Blue"!! Shhhhhh....our secret! Ha Ha

  7. Thank you, Olof ...
    Thank you, Senior Bean,
    Thank you, Mona,
    Thank you, Debbie ... So sorry I yanked you from your plains and dumped you on a field! OMG, I am almost hopeless -
    I love each and every one of you ...
    From NUM-NUM